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The Aeneid Book XII Lines 728-765

Emicat hic impune putans et corpore toto
Turnus leaps forward, thinking himself safe from harm he rises up as tall as he can
alte sublatum consurgit Turnus in ensem
On his raised sword
et ferit; exclamant Troes trepidique Latini,
and he lunges; The Trojans…

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But the stag, terrified by the snares and high banks
mille fugit refugitque uias, at uiuidus Vmber
Tries to flee in a thousand different directions,but the keen Umbrian
haeret hians, iam iamque tenet similisque tenenti
Clings on with a gaping mouth, and snaps with jaws as if it's holding on…


terry krigas


Very good translation for revision.

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