Book XII Aeneid translation - Lines 728 to 765

Line for line translation for the Aeneid by Virgil. Lines 728 to 765. English and Latin colour coded.

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The Aeneid Book XII Lines 728-765
Emicat hic impune putans et corpore toto
Turnus leaps forward, thinking himself safe from harm he rises up as tall as he can
alte sublatum consurgit Turnus in ensem
On his raised sword
et ferit; exclamant Troes trepidique Latini,
and he lunges; The Trojans and the agitated Latins exclaimed
arrectaeque amborum acies. at perfidus ensis
While both armies gazed intently. But the treacherous sword
frangitur in medioque ardentem deserit ictu,
Snaps and desserts the passionate man in mid-stroke
ni fuga subsidio subeat. fugit ocior Euro
If flight did not come to his aid [bit is lost]. He flies swifter than the east wind
ut capulum ignotum dextramque aspexit inermem.
When he saw an unknown hilt and an unarmed hand
fama est praecipitem, cum prima in proelia iunctos
The tale is that when he first mounted in hurried haste his joined
conscendebat equos, patrio mucrone relicto,
Horses he left his father's sword behind
dum trepidat, ferrum aurigae rapuisse Metisci;
As he was panicking, he snatched up hastily the sword of Metiscus, the charioteer
idque diu, dum terga dabant palantia Teucri,
For a long while as the straggling Teucrians turned their backs
suffecit; postquam arma dei ad Volcania uentum est,
That sufficed ; But after it came upon the sword made by the God Vulcan,
mortalis mucro glacies ceu futtilis ictu
The mortal sword disintegrated at the thrust like brittle ice
dissiluit, fulua resplendent fragmina harena.
The fragments twinkled on the yellow sand.
ergo amens diuersa fuga petit aequora Turnus
So out of his mind Turnus seeks different directions on the plain
et nunc huc, inde huc incertos implicat orbis;
And now over here and then here he entwines uncertain circles, panicking
undique enim densa Teucri inclusere corona
Because on all sides the Teucrians enclose him in a crowded ring
atque hinc uasta palus, hinc ardua moenia cingunt.
On one side is an empty marsh closing him in and on the other side high walls surround him.
Nec minus Aeneas, quamquam tardata sagitta
Aenaeas, no less, although the arrow wound that slowed him down
interdum genua impediunt cursumque recusant,
his knees held him back at times
insequitur trepidique pedem pede feruidus urget:
He pursues Turnus hotly foot on foot and chases him
inclusum ueluti si quando flumine nactus
ceruum aut puniceae saeptum formidine pennae
uenator cursu canis et latratibus instat;
Just as when a hunting dog, having latched onto a stag, enclosed by a river and caught by
the fear of red feathers pursues it barking, with speed
ille autem insidiis et ripa territus alta

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But the stag, terrified by the snares and high banks
mille fugit refugitque uias, at uiuidus Vmber
Tries to flee in a thousand different directions,but the keen Umbrian
haeret hians, iam iamque tenet similisque tenenti
Clings on with a gaping mouth, and snaps with jaws as if it's holding on
increpuit malis morsuque elusus inani est;
He misses and bites an empty mouthful
tum uero exoritur clamor ripaeque lacusque
A shout breaks out, the banks and pools
responsant circa et caelum tonat omne tumultu.…read more


terry krigas

Very good translation for revision.

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