Virgil's Aeneid Literary Analysis for exam

So this is a powerpoint I made from my class notes etc. to make all the different analysis points clear to revise from. Check out my other ones if you find it helpful

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Aeneid literary
Genevieve Lawrence…read more

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Word used for This is a very secluded place `Candida' means shining white
dramatic effect; for a divine meeting and because in Roman times,
something new and Aeneid book 6 this is where candidates for office had to wear
unexpected is about to the souls of future great this colour so that they could be
happen. Roman leaders are (in the recognised. `Candidatus' (clad in
underworld). white) came to mean candidate.
at Venus aetherios inter dea candida nimbos
dona ferens aderat; natumque in valle reducta Juxtaposition
ut procul egelido secretum flumine vidit, of `dea
talibus adfata est dictis seque obtulit ultro: adds effect.
`en perfecta mei promissa coniugis arte
Implies sudden or The clouds contrast vividly with the
This divine armour is surprise event. radiance of the goddess and also hide
made by Vulcan upon a her arrival, so he hears her before he
promise. sees her. which shows that it is a divine
meeting and adds mystery.…read more

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The reason for the arms and
In classical prose a negative whole story is clear as the
command is noli + infinitive and story ends with the death of
it makes it archaic and would Turnus at the hands of
surprise the reader. Aeneas.
The Laurentines are an enemy
tribe and the author uses this
instead of Latin.
munera. ne mox aut Laurentes, nate, superbos
aut acrem dubites in proelia poscere Turnum.'
dixit, et amplexus nati Cytherea petivit,
The Lady of Cythera is Venus
(reference to historic mythology)
because supposedly, she was
born there.…read more

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arrangement to In 27 BC Augustus
make the nouns Caesar was given an
stand out, exciting, Honour is closely linked to the oak wreath because
vivid. divine gifts i.e. the gods. he saved the Roman
arma sub adversa posuit radiantia (quercu)
ille dea donis et tanto laetus honore
expleri nequit atque oculos per singula volvit
miraturque interque manus et bracchia versat
Historic presents
here for effect.…read more

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Juxtaposition increases the
dramatic effect / emphatic The helmet is pouring out fire which establishes the
positioning of strong words. descent of Augustus Caesar from Venus and the
Also the description of the gods when Vergil repeats this phrase: propaganda.
armour makes Aeneas' size
even bigger because you can Rs emphasize the Nature simile favourite of
see him from the distance. terrifying helmet. Vergil and also Homer.
terribilem cristis galeam flammasque vomentem,
fatiferumque ensem, loricam ex aere rigentem,
sanguineam, ingentem, qualis cum caerula nubes
solis inardescit radiis longeque refulget;
Juxtaposition. Assonance of m adds sound
effect and frightens the reader
Further assonance of n and and emphasizes Aeneas' shock
There is enormous tension m emphasizes the size of and sense of wonderment
in this passage between the the glowing breastplate.
beauty of the armour and its
ominous purpose, hinted at
by words like `death- Elision of `que' and `ensem' to show
dealing'. A grim prophecy of Aeneas' breathlessness and makes it
the future by this sword. run more smoothly.…read more

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Not unaware to fully unaware: example
of litotes when two negatives are used
Double negative for effect and
to make a strong positive (also in line
to emphasize the complexity of
the shield.
tum leves ocreas electro auroque recocto,
hastamque et clipei non inenarrabile textum.
illic res Italas Romanorumque triumphos
haud vatum ignarus venturique inscius aevi
fecerat ignipotens, illis genus omne futurae
stirpis ab Ascanio pugnataque in ordine bella.
Ascanius and Iulus were sons of Aeneas so linked These wars will now be
to Julius Caesar therefore linked to Octavian outlined.
(Augustus Caesar), his adopted son and the heir of
Caesar. Also according to one genealogy, Romulus
was descended from Ascanius.…read more

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