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From here is the road which leads to the water of Acheron of Hades. Here thick with mud, and
with a huge abyss, a whirlpool boils and it belches all the sand into the Cocytus.

The dreaded ferryman guards the water and rivers. Filthy in his squalor Charon,…

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Although they were sons of Gods and invincible in strength. That man sought to put the guard
of Hades into chains by force and dragged him trembling from the throne of the kingdom itself.
These men attempted to lead away the Mistress of Pluto from her wedding chamber. `


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blessed homes. Here a more generous sky clothes the plains with radiant light and they know their
own Sun, their own stars.

Some exercise their limbs on the grassy wrestling grounds. They compete in sport and they
wrestle on the yellow sand others beat out dances with their feet and…

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An unfortunate man, however his descendants will praise these deeds: love of his country will
conquer and a limitless desire for praise.

Those whom you see shining in matching armour, spirits in harmony now while they are cloaked by
darkness, alas how big the civil war between them if they…


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