why may places need rebranding?

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  • Why may some places need rebranding?
    • Urban
      • deindustrialisation
        • most industrial towns have lost factories or industry
          • big decrease in manufacturing and primary jobs
          • high unemployment
            • causing a spiral of decline - people move out to look for work
              • causing services to close
                • less job opportunities
      • high crime rates
      • litter
      • pollution
      • lots of "pound shops"
    • Rural
      • post-production transition
        • change in farming industry and shift towards more sustainable agriculture
        • replaced with service based jobs
          • tourism
        • decline in primary employment
      • lack of public transport
        • 29% of rural settlements have no bus services
      • brain drain
      • lack of facilities
        • only 14% of rural parishes have doctors surgeries
      • house prices increasing
        • by affluent urban-based middle class households
      • changing rural economy
        • periphery long way from core market
      • shops closed
        • 72% of UK villages do not have a village shop
      • Agricultural change
        • farming suffered from high profile diseases
          • foot and mouth
        • farmers become dependant on gov subsidies
      • inward migration of oldies with low/ fixed pensions
    • Coastal
      • skewed demographic profile
      • seasonal economy
      • high crime rates
      • physical isolation
      • coastal erosion and flooding


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