Edexcel geography: Rebranding.

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REBRANDING is the way in which a place re-developed and marketed so that it gained a new
identity. It can then attract new investors and visitors. It may involve both re-imaging and
RE-IMAGING is the remodelling of areas to counter negative "mental map" perceptions and
provide "post-industrial" functions e.g. retailing, leisure and tourism.
REGENERATION is a long term process involving social, economic and physical action to reverse
decline and create sustainable communities.
Rebranding is needed when places are in DECLINE which can be due to social, economic and
environmental reasons, which can create a negative multiplier effect ­ a SPIRAL OF DECLINE.
Aims of rebranding:
Aimed at internal users (e.g. residents and employees) and external users (e.g. tourists and
Improving QOL and attracting new tourists, residents and businesses
Ideally a "virtuous cycle" is created (cumulative causation model- MYRDAL 1956) creating a
positive multiplier effect ­ a chain of jobs and economic growth.
Reasons for why cities rebrand:
Places are increasingly at risk as a result of changes in the global economic, political and
technological environment (deindustrialisation and the global shift)
Places are increasingly at risk from the inevitable process of urban decay.
Places are facing a growing number of competitors for limited resources.
Places have to increasingly rely on their own resources to face competition.


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It is only really an introduction but great despite that!

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