Unit 2 - Rebranding Places

Notes on Rebranding Places

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Why Rebrand?

  • Rebranding aims to improve an area
    --> its image
    --> change people's perceptions 
         --> encouraging more people to come to the area 
  • Rebranding can include
    - regeneration - making actual improvements to the area e.g. new buildings + services 
    -  re-imaging - using marketing to improve the image and reputation of a place (makes people aware of improvements)
  • Aimed at internal users (residents + employees) and external "customers" (visitors + potential investors)
  • Can include improving quality of life for residents, attracting new residents, tourists and business investment
    --> "virtuous cycle" created (ideally) - multiplier effect
  • Needed when a place is in decline
    --> this can be due to social, economic and environmental problems (can also be political or demographic)
    --> these can create more problems resulting in a spiral of decline 
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Areas to Rebrand - Urban


  • Depopulation?
  • Unemployment base?
  • Deindustrialisation?
  • Poor reputation?
  • many industrial towns have lost factories resulting in massive decline in manufacturing.
  • resulting in high unemployment, creating economic problems as some may have to live on low income or welfare
  • economic problems can lead to spiral of decline as people migrate away from the area to look for work 
    --> services close --> fewer job oppurtunities --> further decline
  • rebranding needed to encourage new investment which should bring jobs + money to the area 
    --> improvements in housing + local environment attract people back to area 
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Areas to Rebrand - Rural


  • Transport issues?
  • Limited work?
  • Agricultural change?
  • Backward reputation?
  • Decline of agriculture has led to reduced employment + economic problems
  • lack of job oppurtunities leads to out-migration of young --> ageing population
  • services (shops, schools, post offices) close due to out-migration of people for work --> spiral of decline --> economic + social isolation worsen
  • attracting new business + tourists to area through rebranding increases employment + services
    --> encourages young to stay + new people to move to area 
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Areas to Rebrand - Coastal


  • Inaccessibility?
  • Decline in tourism?
  • Loss in fishing?
  • No investment?
  • cheap flights abroad mean fewer British tourists visit UK
    --> resorts are losing money + businesses are closing
  • decline of fishing industry resulted in fewer jobs + further economic issues
  • leads to out-migration of young + spiral of decline
  • rebranding encourages new investment, bringing employment + wealth to the area 
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Rebranding - The Options

Rebranding usually has a number of aims:

  • Economic: to replace a 'lost' economic sector w/ a new one, creating employment and a positive multiplier
  • Environmental: to improve the built environment to the point that an area is able to project a new, attractive image as a place to be, rather than a place to avoid
  • Social: to encourage population growth and a more diverse population in terms of age, socio-economic group and possibly culture/ethnicity 
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Rebranding Strategies

Various different strategies

  • Attracting tourists - with leisure + sports facilities, culture + the arts
  • Improving conditions for residents  - w/ better housing + more amenities
  • Attracting investment - w/ new shops, commercial buildings + waterfront developments

Rebranding can be acheived through regenerations/reimaging projects

Developing new:

  • housing
  • shops 
  • commercial buildings 
  • art + cultural centres 
  • technology 
  • leisure + sports 
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Development + Projects

Flagship Developments

  • large-scale, expensive, top-down initiatives
  • designed to make radical change to an area's image + generate media interest
  • funding comes from local/national gvnt.
    --> should bring success to workers at "bottom" who reap benefits from income that flagship dev. can bring (through tourists)

Community Projects

  • smaller than flagship, bottom-up initiatives
  • started by local people 
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Promoting new:

  • National parks
  • Rural + historical heritage
  • festivals
  • food towns
  • links w/ media
  • leisure + sports
  • art + culture centres

Having a focus on one strategy can speed up rebranding process through acting as a catalyst resulting in further change elsewhere within the area
--> spiral of regeneration in area as jobs provide employment + income
     --> boosting economy +  social environments

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Rebranding Players

  • EU Money
  • Regional Development Agencies
  • Local Councils
  • Business + Industry
  • Local people + communities
  • Charities
  • Property Developers
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