Geography - Rebranding

My personal revision notes for the Rebranding topic (second exam) for Geography.

Includes case study on LAKE DISTRICT.

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Geography (2) ­ Rebranding
Rebranding ­ the process by which a place is
redeveloped, reimaged and marketed so that it gains a
new identity
1. Time to re-brand?/What is rebranding and why do
some places need it?
Why is it needed?
Economic/industrial decline
o Crime
o Age
o Poor education
o Lack/poor quality of housing
o Poor health
o Out-migration
Environmental problems
o Pollution
o Dereliction
o Poor maintenance
Social problems
o Unemployment
o Lack of infrastructure
o Poor transport links
o Failing businesses
o Low income
o Poor reputation
What strategies can be used to reinvent and
Use of appropriate strategies to create
multiplier effects so positive impacts can
spread e.g. grow more trees to reduce the
Effects of CO2 and making public transport
easily available
What may be apt. for one place may not be for
2. Rebranding strategies ­ who are the players and
what strategies do they use?
General Players
Local/central government
Private investors

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Geography (2) ­ Rebranding
Examples of how urban areas rebrand
London Docklands
o Declined due to WW2 damaging housing
and causing unemployment (21%)
o LDDC (London Docklands Development
Corporation): economically regenerated
the area by attracting private investment,
physically regenerate/beautify the area,
improve living conditions/prospects of the
Stratford Olympics (see below)
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Geography (2) ­ Rebranding
43% > no shop
52% > no post office
51% > no school
77% > no bus service
25% > depend on local shop for everyday needs
Primary Data Collection Methods
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Geography (2) ­ Rebranding
Look at the products being sold in Grasmere and
their branding, compare them to regular unbranded
products in a local supermarket
There's an inflation rate of 400% on branded
5. General Observation & Photos
Visually compare the economic landscape and
environment of Grasmere, Penrith & Threlkeld
Grasmere has the better environment and
greater economic activity
Spent money on street furniture to make it
more attractive to tourists whilst using
traditional building materials to avoid clashing
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Geography (2) ­ Rebranding
Finding out where shops were selling convenience
goods or comparison goods
Comparison goods chain stores. Bring
people to the town where they are likely to
spend on convenience items also
Chain stores clone town loss in culture and
Penrith wants to have a mix between
independently owned shops & chain stores
because on the one hand, they don't want to
lose their originality however they want chain
stores to attract outsiders
Secondary Research Methods
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Geography (2) ­ Rebranding
o Suffered as a result of deindustrialisation
o Has brought social, economic and environmental
problems to the area (see secondary research
Aim of Olympics:
o Reclaim lost land and brownfield sites
o Create an urban park to rival that created for the
Sydney 2000 Olympics
o Conserve biodiversity, produce zero waste,
minimise carbon emissions and promote
environmental awareness (`One Planet Olympics')
o House prices rose ­ local people cannot afford the
new houses and thus are forced to leave…read more

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Geography (2) ­ Rebranding
Nearly half of households do not own a car
May be argued that being in such a central
location where public transport thrives a car is
not a necessity
o Ethnic Group
62% of people living there were born in the UK
lot lower than NA
Multicultural area so a good place to host
Olympics since the games will accommodate
all races and religions
o Crime
Generally high, in particular violence against
people is 3 times higher than NA
Rebranding will…read more


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