Why did Muslim unity rise? (1149-1187)

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  • why did Muslim unity rise? 1148-1171
    • Riches of Egypt (Saladin)
      • Nur ad-Din gets money from Egypt through Shirkuh
      • Amalric wants wealth for Outramer
      • Saladin uses the gold to pay people for loyalty
    • Frankish mistakes
      • Amalric
        • lack manpower to take and keep Egypt
        • did not wait for Byzantine troops
      • Factions
        • Caused loss at Hattin
        • Bohemond III of Antioch and Raymond of Tripoli lost battle of Harim
        • alienates Shawar- attack Bilbais
          • Shirkuh assassinated Shawar
            • lost Egypt
        • Amalric- lacked man power
          • needs help
          • can't take and keep Egypt
    • Nur ad-Din's use of Jihad
      • rebuilds walls of Medina
      • goes on Haj as a pilgrim
      • spent money on charitable works
        • benefits people
      • marries heiress of Daascus
      • chivalrous when taking cities
        • Saladin
          • gets permission from Caliph of Baghdad for campaigns
      • gets permission from Caliph of Baghdad for campaigns
    • Good military leadership
      • Saladin
        • lost against Franks under Baldwin VI
          • not invincible
        • takes Outramer
        • unites Muslim world
      • Nur ad-Din
        • entered Damascus forcibly
          • treated inhabitants nicely
        • treaty with Byzantines (1159)
        • treaty with Jerusalem (1161)
        • £ from Egypt
        • Mosul
    • Zengi inheritence
      • Nur ad-Din has Aleppo and mamluks
      • wealth
      • Sayf ad-Din got Mosul
    • Weakness of Egypt
      • Shirkuh becomes Vizier
        • Saladin second in command
      • Shirkuh has support of Caliph of Baghdad
      • Saladin inherited Viziership
      • Egypt cannot defend itself




This is very useful for essay planning. It uses colour coding and organises possible causes into sections. Useful for Edexcel Unit 4 on The Crusades.

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