Ways staff in early year care setting might help to reduce gender (any discrimination) stereotypes

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  • Ways staff in early year care setting  might help to reduce gender (any discrimination) stereotypes
    • Encouraging both boys & girls to work together
      • e.g. mixed groups
      • mix tables
    • Encouraging both sexes to wiht different toys that are stereotyped as a boy or girl toy
      • letting girls play with cars
      • letting boys play with dolls
    • resources reflecting both sexes but not in stereotypes roles
      • men staying home and women going to work
    • Staff as role models so employing both men and women
    • Visiitng speakers that are both gender
      • A policemen and policewomen
      • Firemen and firewomen
    • Avioding using discriminative language
      • Good girl
      • Bad boy
    • Having a wide range of school curriculum
      • Woodwork
      • Cooking
      • sowing
    • Giving equal opportunity to everyone
      • letting boy do cooking
      • letting girls do woodwork
    • Resources
      • Books
      • Leaflets
      • Poster
      • Staffs
      • Toys & equipment
    • Environment
      • Facilities
      • Religious rooms
      • Language that is used in the setting
      • Displays thta are in the walls for the children/ visitors can see


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