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Promoting Quality Care

Monday 10 January 2011
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

1 (a) Give an example of direct racial discrimination.

Any one of the answers below would be acceptable

When a care worker verbally abuses someone because of their race…

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(c) Name one piece of legislation that aims to protect people who have
experienced racial

Any one of the answers below would be acceptable

Race Relations Act

Human Rights Act

Equality Act

You must use the word `Act' to get the mark!

(d) Identify and explain three barriers…

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services or it could be that they that they do not feel welcome as they have cultural
differences with the other people there.


(e) Identify and explain two ways an organisation could ensure its Equal
Opportunities Policy is implemented.

One mark for identifying way, TWO required
One mark for…

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[Total: 15]

2 (a) Identify the five components of an Equal Opportunities Policy.

One mark for each, FIVE required

policy statement (`Policy' on its own will not get a mark)
implementation plan
section on how the policy will be monitored
evaluation of the policy
targets to improve further performance…

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There are also many benefits of a confidentiality policy to the service provider. This
policy will guide staff about the legal requirements required and about what is good
practice in this area of their job. By following the confidentiality procedures of an
organisation this will help promote trust and develop…

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bullied it will give them guidance on how they can complain so that they feel that this
matter can be addressed.


[Total: 15]

3 (a) Identify four early years values of care. Give an example of how people
working with children could apply each value of care in their…

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know basis. It is also important that any information about children is kept in a safe and
secure place.

Working with others ­ People working with children can uphold this care value by
ensuring that the care workers work with other agencies that support children for
example, social workers.


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settings it may be appropriate to provide facilities should as a prayer room so that
service users feel that they are being treated fairly. The early years setting can also
ensure that they have multicultural displays and posters in prominent places in their
setting so that people from different faiths…

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Citizens Advice Bureau
Solicitor / lawyer
Councillors / MPs
UK legislation
EHRC / Commissions
County court/high court
European Court of Human Rights
Complaints procedure of organisation/complain to service provider
Contact manager
Care workers / practitioners / counsellors

(b) Explain ways organisations could ensure their staff selection procedures…

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There will be a detailed explanation of at least two ways an organisation can support staff to
promote quality care. These will be developed logically and there will be evidence of synthesis within
the work. Answers will be factually accurate, using appropriate terminology. There will be few errors
of grammar,…


Sam Morran


A good resource with questions and models answers.  Good to use to test yourself and amend responses - helps to fine tune revision in run up to the exam.

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