Promoting Quality Care

Fully answered January 2011 OCR F910 Promoting Quality Care Exam Paper.

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Promoting Quality Care
Monday 10 January 2011
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
1 (a) Give an example of direct racial discrimination.
Any one of the answers below would be acceptable
When a care worker verbally abuses someone because of their race or colour.
When a care worker physically abuses someone due to their race or colour.
If an individual is refused access to a service, education or a job due to their race or
(b) Give three possible effects of racial discrimination on an individual.
Any three of the answers below would be acceptable
The individual could feel very angry and upset about how they have been treated.
The individual could feel humiliated and this could lower their selfesteem.
The individual might feel very stressed about how they have been treated and this could
lead to them developing illhealth.
If they have been refused a job due to racial discrimination it could lead to them having
difficulty finding a job which could lead to poverty for them and their family.
The individual could feel very withdrawn and lonely and that they are not welcome in their
It may make an individual very anxious, frightened and scared as they may not know
where they should turn in order to get help.

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Name one piece of legislation that aims to protect people who have
experienced racial
Any one of the answers below would be acceptable
Race Relations Act
Human Rights Act
Equality Act
You must use the word `Act' to get the mark!
(d) Identify and explain three barriers minority ethnic groups could face when
accessing services.…read more

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Identify and explain two ways an organisation could ensure its Equal
Opportunities Policy is implemented.
One mark for identifying way, TWO required
One mark for explanation, TWO required
Any two of the answers below would be acceptable
An organisation could provide training for its staff on their policies, procedures and care
values so that they can all follow the correct procedures.…read more

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Total: 15]
2 (a) Identify the five components of an Equal Opportunities Policy.
One mark for each, FIVE required
policy statement (`Policy' on its own will not get a mark)
implementation plan
section on how the policy will be monitored
evaluation of the policy
targets to improve further performance
(b) Identify a policy that could be used to promote quality care in a health and social
care setting.
Explain the benefits for a person who uses services and service providers of this
policy.…read more

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If service users know that the staff are very professional and
always keep all details confidential this will improve the reputation of that
A policy that could be used to promote quality care in a health or social care setting is
an Equal Opportunities Policy.
There are many benefits of an Equal Opportunities policy to the service user. This
policy will raise awareness of equality and discrimination and it will help prevent
discrimination. It will ensure that they are treated fairly and with equality.…read more

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Total: 15]
3 (a) Identify four early years values of care. Give an example of how people
working with children could apply each value of care in their day-to-day work.…read more

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Reflective practitioners ­ ­ People working with children can uphold this care value
by ensuring that the care workers have sufficient staff training on all policies and
procedures. It is also important that they have frequent staff meetings to share ideas
and reflect on how things have been and on how they could improve things.
(b) Explain how an early years setting could ensure its resources and environment
promote equality.…read more

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I have left the mark scheme bullet points in to help you revise the key points for
this question.…read more

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County court/high court
European Court of Human Rights
Complaints procedure of organisation/complain to service provider
Contact manager
Care workers / practitioners / counsellors
(b) Explain ways organisations could ensure their staff selection procedures
promote equal opportunities.
Level 3 [5 6 marks]
There will be a detailed explanation of at least two ways (could be advertising and/or
interviewing) an organisation could ensure their staff selection procedures promote equal
opportunities. These will be developed logically and there will be evidence of synthesis within
the work.…read more

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A good organisation will also have a good
management structure where there is a clear hierarchy and the managers are
approachable and effective. It would also be important that there are regular staff
meetings to share concerns, communicate the service users needs and also to share
good practice. Another way that they can ensure consistency of care and good
standards is by having good handover procedures. It is also important that the
management provide appropriate resources and equipment so they can do the job
correctly.…read more


Sam Morran

Some useful questions with model answers - always good to help with revision.

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