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Health and Social Care Past Papers
Laura Vaughan…read more

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January 2007
1. Kerry is helping out as a volunteer at a local
play scheme. She has been helping Liz, a 5-
year-old wheelchair user, all morning. Kerry
overhears one of the supervisors talking
about `the kid in the wheelchair' and is told
by the supervisor to sit with Liz as the other
children are going to play physical games
a) (i) Identify and give an example of the type
of disability discrimination Liz is
experiencing (2)
(ii)Identify four possible effects of such
discrimination on Liz (4)
The Disability Discrimination Act protects
the rights of people with disabilities.
b) Identify three areas where this legislation
applies (3)…read more

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1. a) (i)
Not being able to join
Calling her `kid in wheelchair'
Excluding her from physical games
She has to stay inside…read more

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1. a) (ii)
left out/excluded/lonely
low self-esteem/self-worth/inadequate
low self-confidence…read more

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1. b)
access to goods and services eg shops
buying and renting land or property eg
requires schools and college and universities
provide information for disabled
transport…read more

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1. c)
Cost - putting in new facilities/equipment
Attitudes - getting people to change and
want to be
more pro active
Lack of awareness - not knowing/having the
capabilities/training to implement the Act
Access difficulties - old trains/ equipment
needed in
old buildings.
Time - length of time needed to implement
implementation dates in the Act
Relatively new law ­ less precedents/case…read more

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