1.4 communication

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  • Use of technical terminology or colloguialisms
    • Technical terminology.
      • Sometimes called jargon, is a special language for use by a group or profession. E.G. Doctors, nurses and social workers.
      • It should only be used during communication with those who are familiar with it.
      • Confusion can easily arise with all sorts of unexpected outcomes.
    • Colloguialisms.
      • A word, phrase or saying that is usually limited to a certain geographical area.
      • E.G. To be pleased - 'chuffed'. To be durnk - 'ratted', 'wasted', 'trollied'.
    • Use of technical terminology, jargon or colloquialiams can: Be misinterpreted, cause confusion/ lead to misunderstanding, lead to individuals feeling excluded and speed up communication when used appropriately.


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