Extreme and Eco tourism case studies

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      • Benefits of the lodge
        • The resort employs local people who spend their wages in local markets
        • extra money from tourism means better healthcare and education
        • recycles its waste and uses renewable energy
        • small groups in order to reduce pollution and damage
      • Attractions of the lodge
        • early morning bird watching with over 30 species of birds
        • weave a basket from the forests plant fibres
        • tour the local high school and its organic farm
        • visit local villages and take part in their ceremonies
      • contribution to sustainable development
        • values and conserves the natural environment
        • improves the well being of local people- their stand of living and quality of life
        • refers to development where resources meet human needs while preserving the environment so these needs can be met in the present and the future
      • Aims of the lodge
        • To achieve sustainability through educational conservation
        • conservation- careful and planned use of resources to manage and maintain the natural environment for the future generations
        • stewardship- the careful management of the environment on a large scale
      • An extreme environment is a place that is uninhabitable due to climate and landscape
      • Management methods
        • Polar Code- this limits the size of ships visiting Antarctica, so ships can only carry up to 500 people and only 100 can be on shore at once
        • The treaty of Antarctica- since 1961 nearly 50 countries have signed up to protect Antarctica from mining, war and drilling for oil until at least 2048
        • IAATO- international association of antarctic tour operators
          • 100 companies coming together to help set guidlines
        • tourists must always stay with tour guides and are given lectures on not dropping litter an staying a certain distance from each animals
      • Why is extreme tourism growing in popularity?
        • Increased disposable income
        • becoming more easy to access because of the internet
        • older retired people want unique experiences
        • growing number of young people with higher incomes
        • more tour operators are running more trips to satisfy the growing demand of tourists
      • Attractions
        • scenery- the mountains and icebergs are quite unique
        • Unique wildlife- many species of penguins, birds and sea life can gain visitors that enjoy watching animals in their natural habitat
        • Activities- things like walking and hang gliding become extraordinary in unique environments


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