AQA GCSE Geography specification A, checklist of key points and case studies

contains the major points you need to know for geography, restless earth, weather, water on the land, tourism, development and population.

the points are just a guide though and you should still know the background knowledge :)

the case study bits are what you should be ready to write about.

includes sample casse study questions for all topics.

hope it helps, good luck

comments welcome


p.s in 97-2003 format so should open :)

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The Restless Earth:
Names of large tectonic plates (only a few examples)
The differences between destructive, constructive and conservative plate margins
Landforms at destructive plate margins and their properties
Differences between supervolcanoes and volcanoes
The effects of earthquakes on people and the environment (both positive and negative)
Earthquake measurements
Reasons why earthquakes cause more loss of life in poorer countries than in richer countries
Case studies:
Fold mountains; name, location, formation, problems for people, uses of the mountain range
Volcanic eruption; cause, effects, impacts on people, responses
Earthquake (MEDC + LEDC); location, strength, cause, effect, response
Tsunami; cause, places affected, effects, responses
Example case study questions:
Fold mountains: Describe how people have adapted to the conditions in a fold mountain you have studied.
Volcanoes: for a volcanic eruption you have studied, describe the cause and the primary & secondary
Earthquakes: describe and compare the preparation and immediate responses to earthquakes in rich and
poor parts of the world that you have studied.
Tsunamis: describe the responses to a tsunami you have studied.
Weather and climate:
Characteristics and variations of UK climate
Why temperatures and precipitation varies within the UK
Describe and explain the weather changes in a frontal depression
Why do the characteristics of an anticyclone change in winter and summer?
Examples of extreme weather cases in the UK
Possible causes and consequences of global warming
Effects of tropical storms on people, environment, and the economy
Case studies:
Extreme weather in the UK; areas affected, causes, economic impacts, social impacts, responses,
plans for the future.
Tropical storm; name and location, causes, effects (economic, environmental, social), short-term
responses, long-term responses.
Example case study questions:

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Tropical storms: using case studies of tropical storms in rich and poor parts of the world, compare the
short and long-term responses.
Water on the land:
Three ways that the river and valley change during it's course
Formation of waterfalls and gorges by erosion
The formation of meanders and oxbow lakes
Landforms formed by flooding (description with explanation)
Flashy and subdued hydrographs. Need to know and understand what causes them to be either
flashy or subdued.…read more

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Example case study questions:
Population control: compare the policies used in China to control rapid population growth with
the policies used in one other country.
Ageing populations: Choose a country in the EU with an ageing population. Explain why this
country has an ageing population and describe the strategies that are being used to cope with the
ageing population.
Migration: for refugee migration you have studied, describe the impacts on both the source and
receiving countries.…read more

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Extreme tourism; attractions, impacts, measures in place, sustainability.
Ecotourism; characteristics, benefits, sustainable development.
Example case study questions:
UK tourism: suggest an action plan for either a named UK National Park or a named UK coastal
resort that will encourage tourists to visit the area.
Mass tourism: describe the impacts of mass tourism on a named tropical area and explain how
any negative impacts are being reduced.…read more


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