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GCSE Geography| Question 6 | Tourism | Paper 2
What are the Key Ideas for this Topic?
Why there has been an increase in tourism
Tourism in a UK National Park (Lake District)
Mass Tourism (Jamaica- Tropical Destination)
Tourism in Extreme Environments (Antarctica)
Eco- Tourism (Amazon)

Growth in Tourism

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Creates a demand for locally produced food and helps local farm and businesses.
Farmers turn fields into campsites to create additional revenue.
Car park charges help the council improve local services.

Problems with Tourism
90% of tourists use cars, creates traffic congestion in towns with old narrow streets.
Footpaths are…

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Educating tourists to avoid negative environmental impacts.
Local guides take tourists to off-the-beaten track attractions to reduce impact.
Water treatment plant at Logwood limits water pollution from hotels.
Established Negril Marine Park Nature reserves too preserve sea life.

Economic leakage as money leaves economy through foreign businesses and…

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Treaty of Antarctica- 1961-1948 50 countries agreed to no mining, drilling, pollution, war.

Eco-Tourism- Tourism that doesn't harm the environment and benefits the local community.

Stewardship: Caring for the environment of a place as if it was your own.
An important way of conserving the environment.

Economic benefits of…

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Keeping the rainforest intact is key to the future long-term prosperity.

The Butler model

Life cycle of a tourist destination

- Small numbers are attracted by something particular
- For example good beaches, historical/culture,
- Local people not yet develop many tourist services

- Local people see…

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2. Describe the attractions of the Lake District. (3 Marks)

3. Describe the management strategies that are used to cope with the impact of tourists in a NamedUK
National Park. (8 Marks)

4. Explain why Tourism is constantly increasing. (4 Marks)

5. What is meant by the term "Mass tourism"?…


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