tourism paper 2 geography Kenya,Galapagos Islands and Antarctica


Mass Tourism to Kenya

  • human attractions  
  • luxury lodges and hotels
  • tribal culture
  • massi
  • mara national park being where they live
  • scuba diving

physical attractions

  • kenya has a warm climate
  • amazing sceneery
  • indian ocean
  • coral reef and marine wildlife
  • "the big 5" rhino, elephant, leopard,buffalo,lion
  • mount kenya 4'00metres

Kenya is our case study for an LEDC which is a mass tourist destination. It is more popular for the physical attractions it has to offer than the human.

Extreme tourism to Antarctica

reasons people go there

  • for the wildlife
  • unique experince that they can tell people about
  • seeing it before it has gone e.g. ice caps melting, global warming
  • stunning views

What is the damge done by tourists? 

  • Tourists can trample plants
  • distract wildlife
  • drop litter
  • there are fears that tourists could accidently introduce non-native speciesor disease that could wipe out existing species.
  • fuel spillage from ships is a worry especially after the sinking of the cruise ship MS…


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