Threats to Weimar 1919-23

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  • Threats to Weimar 1919-23
    • Kapp Putsch 1920
      • A group of army officers refused to disband, as army was ordered to be limited to 100,000
      • Revealed army's reluctance to support the republic and the dubious loyalty of the Freikorps
    • The Ruhr revolution 1920
      • In response to the threat from the Freikorps, workers in the Ruhr formed a 'Red Army'
        • The Freikorps crushed the revolution
    • Threats from the left
      • The Russian-Polish war in 1920 heightened fears in Germany, although the Poles pushed the Soviets back, the perceived 'Red threat' barely diminished.
      • Revolutionary left was divided and weakened by the lack of widespread support
    • Political violence
      • Assasination of Karl Gareis and Matthias Erzberger
    • By article 54 of the Weimar constitution, the judiciary maintained their independence
    • The army served to protect their own interests, not the republics.
    • Currency collapse 1923
      • Reparations made matters worse
      • Set on a course of hyperinflation


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