Weimar 1919-23

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  • Weimar Republic 1919-23
    • Article 231
      • Germany accepts the responsibility of causing all loss and damage.
      • Stab in the back
        • Led to military collapse
    • Political instability
      • Threats from left and right
      • Totalled 7 Chancellors
      • Founding of 6 new political parties
    • Introduction of democracy
    • Elections of Jan 1919
      • Socialist SPD were the largest party with 165 out of 423 seats
        • Not a majority
          • Became a coalition
    • Established on 31 July 1919
      • 18 regional states known as Lander each with its own parliament
      • President elected on a 7 year tenure
      • All men and women over age 20 could vote
    • Did the constitution weaken the republic?
      • Yes
        • Main features e.g. proportional representation, parliamentary government were not widely accepted.
        • Constitutions base was narrow and unrepresentative
      • No
        • Reflected a broader spectrum of political opinion
        • Reflected successful constitutional practice and if used carefully created political stability
        • Problem did not lie with design, but the misuse
    • Proportional representation
      • Stopped SPD from having total control
      • Allowed sectional interests to continue to be represented
      • The leading political parties chose not to operate the system effectively


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