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What were the problems faced by the Weimar Republic:

Initial threats to the Weimar republic:
Red Bavaria-
o On the 6th April 1919, the Bavarian soviet Republic was declared- Left Wing
o They aimed to declare the Soviet Republic
o They were dealt with through the Arm and Freikorps…

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o Ebert (Chancellor) turned to the army as the means by which forces of moderate socialism could defeat a more radical
left of the USPD and then the German Communist Party and the Spartacists

o Right-wing
o The Freikorps were private paramilitary groups composed of ex-soldiers and un-employed youth…

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o Held emergency powers to suspend individual rights and take whatever measures were necessary to restore order

The Reich Chancellor and Reich Cabinet:
o Under ordinary circumstances formed the government of Germany
o The Reich Chancellor presided over the government
o Were accountable to the Reichstag and had to resign…

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Structure of the Weimar Constitution

Was the Weimar Republic fatally flawed because of its constitution?
Issue: Was Flawed Was not Flawed

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Proportional Representation This system meant that it would Arguably this was a more
(where a certain amount of seats be near impossible to pass new democratic system because the
are allocated depending on the laws due to the amount of number of seats in the Reichstag
number of votes) opposition…

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The main parties involved were: France, Great Britain, Italy (break from Austrian rule), USA (wanted a stable Europe-
financially dominant) - Germany was only invited to turn up and sign what was put in front of them- this was because they
were seen as the largest threat.

The Treaty of…

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Long term impact:

Reparations led to hyper-inflation- people lose faith in government and republic
The great empires of Russia, Austria-Hungary and Turkey had gone
Diktat- being dictated to them without agreement- anger grew
`stab in the back' severely weakened the Weimar democracy from the beginning
Reparations- set up in 1921.…

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Nobody was in a position to attack/ invade Germany. Economically battling with collapsed economies- Britain and
France and new states
The treaty drums up old problems but does not create severe new ones
The Weimar republic survives due to loans from the Americans (Dawes and Young Plans)

Extreme uprisings from…

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Left wing vs. Right Wing punishment
Left Right
o Red Bavaria: - 1000 dead due to army/fighting o Kapp Putsch: - Kapp dies before trial
- 800 executed by the Freikorps - Lüttwitz was given early retirement
- leader was executed - only 1 out of 705 was found guilty…


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