The last tsars of Russia

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  • The Last Tsars of Russia
    • Alexander II 1855-1881
      • Quite a liberal Tsar who wanted to make changes
      • 1864: Zemstva Reform (local governments) extended to towns and cities by 1870
      • 1870: Trial by jury introduced
      • 1861: Emancipation of the serfs (land slaves)
      • For radical groups, these reforms weren't enough and groups such as the People's Will wanted more
      • Assassinated in 1881 by a member of the People's Will when on his way to sign a decree to allow Russia's first national assembly
    • Alexander III 1881-1894
      • Reactionary and very repressive
      • Very conservative and this increased after his father was assassinated
      • Main objective was to re-establish the autocratic power of the tsar
    • Nicholas II 1894-1917
      • Not a strong Tsar
      • Russian people were very unhappy


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