Tsar Nicholas II 1905-1914


When discussing tsar Nicholas in the years 1905- 1914 here are the points you COULD discuss.

  • Potemkin Mutiny
  • October Manifesto
  • Fundamental Laws
  • Dumas
  • Stolypin
  • Inflation
  • Rasputin
  • Cut off From Allies
  • WW1

I have cue cards of these topics in greater detail uploaded. Possible exam questions involving these sub topics could include:

a)    How stable was the Russian state in the period 1906 to 1914?

we could talk about Civil Unrest, Tsars personality weaknesses, Economy, Russo Japanese war and Opposition as it specifically asks for problems HE faced, you may add small note of previous king influences but not in great detail.

Other Questions:

a)    Compare the impact of Stolypin and Rasputin on the stability of the Tsar’s government after 1905.

a)    To what extent was the impact of the First World War the main reason for the February revolution of 1917?

a)    How stable was the Russian state in the


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