provisional government

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  • provisional government
    • 1917 Russia became a republic and the provisional government was used temporarily
    • problems
      • legitimacy - members of the state duma had formed a provisional committee to demand reforms from the tsar
      • prov gov- octobrists and kadets (minority groups)
      • rivals from the feb rev  soviets, soldiers, sailors
      • claimed the right to issue laws for russia
      • prov. gov shared political power with soviet
      • Kerensky was head of the prov. gov in 1917
      • very open and liberal, soviet = very left wing (social revs and democrats)
      • soviets had very effective control of the army
    • war
      • lost territory in Poland and russia
      • millions killed, wounded and held prisoner
      • morale was low and the rev was welcomed by Russia's wartime allies as they hoped fighting against Germany would improve as the Tsar had been an obstacle
      • economy deteriorated and there were supply problems
      • morale did improve but it didn't last long
      • conflict with soviets who only wanted war to prevent and defend against Germany not to gain land or money
      • demonstrations against the war started
      • "june offensive" - Austria hungary - broke down and Russia deserted it. - army collapsed
      • "july days" Petrograd riots
      • authority of prov,. gov. was undermined
      • new gov formed under kerensky
    • countryside
      • collapse of administration
      • peasants took over lad from large landowners (violence)
      • soldiers returned to help with illegal attacks on property
      • redistributed land
      • gov. lacked the ability to impose its authority outside town




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