SWOT - Online Media

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  • SWOT - Online Media
    • Threats
      • No subscription fees, so readers aren't as loyal
      • No 'fixed' income - money is only gained from adverts - so heavily reliant on advertising
      • Lots of other online magazine sites
      • People don't pay much attention to the adverts
    • Opportunities
      • Often preferred to print based media
      • Advertises things that relate to the magazine and target audience - things they may want to buy
      • Adverts are more interactive and intersting
      • Wider range of adverts - they change - more products can be advertised
    • Weaknesses
      • Money is only gained from adverts
      • Not everyone has the internet/has access to the internet
      • Relies on technology for the site to work
    • Strengths
      • You don't pay to read the articles
      • Can be accessed on mobile devices
      • Interactive, social networking etc.
      • Often updated
      • Adverts can be changed
      • Easily accessible


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