SWOT - Print-Based Media

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  • SWOT - Print-Based Media
    • Threats
      • Online media is ofter preferred to print-based media - people often like to read the articles they want to online
      • Online technology is slowly taking over print-based media - the amount of people buying/reading the magazines are decreasing
    • Opportunities
      • Posters, free material/gifts
      • Advertises things that relate to the magazine and their target audience - things that they might want to buy
      • Adverts stay the same so people can look at them later
      • Adverts are more effective than online because they're bigger and more noticeable
    • Weaknesses
      • People often prefer the internet
      • Can't be updated/edited/ added to after its been published
      • Costs money to purchase
      • Print based media can be lost
    • Strengths
      • Can be taken anywhere
      • Can be read at all times - you don't have to have access to the internet


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