How was blood loss controlled?

Just a small mindmap to give a few details about how blood loss was tried to be conquered.

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  • Blood Loss
    • Cautery
      • Boiling oil poured into a wound and it seals it shut.
        • -Stops bleeding -Goes some way to sealing wound -Seals you up so you can go back out to fight
        • -Horrifyingly painful -Run out of oil -Shock -Lead to infection
    • Clamps
      • Various forms of clamps were used to restrict the flow of blood during amputations
        • Small versions were used in internal surgery BUT they were not suitable for prolonged use
      • -Provides a surgeon with more time to try and save the patient -An attempt to have more successful operations
      • -Can't have a clamp forever -Doesn't stop pain
    • Ligatures (Pare)
      • Pare developed silk ligatures. Were threads that were used to tie off blood vessels and stop bleeding
      • The thread would hang down from the wound
      • Could lead to infection
    • Ligatures (Lister)
      • 1869, soaked in carbolic acid. Unlike silk ligatures they were cut short and dissolved inside the body
      • -Dissolve inside the body -Solve the problem of infection


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