Factors affecting bloodloss

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  • Surgery
    • Blood loss
      • Controlling blood loss
        • Cautery
          • This was to seal blood vessels after an operation
            • The problem was that it was extremly painful
          • This was done with a hot iron or oil
        • Ligetures
          • Ambroise Paré
            • Developed metal clips to clamp blood vessels during an opertion
            • Tried using silk thread to tie the blood vessels after surgery
              • This was less painful but had to be tied properly to stop bleeding
        • Tourniquet
          • It was tied around  part of the body (leg)
            • This was to put pressure on the blood vessels to slow the loss of blood
      • Treating blood loss
        • Blood Tansfusions
          • 19th century
            • James Blundell
              • Used to stop mothers from dying in labour
              • Development
            • Problems
              • Clotting
              • Avaliability
                • Blood was very difficult to store so the donor had to be present
                  • This is because the blood clotted making it impossible to store
    • Infection
    • Pain
      • Untitled
  • Blood starts clotting as soon as it leaves the body
    • This would block the transfusion tubes
    • Clotting


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