Cold Comfort Farm and Sons & Lovers

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  • Similarities between CCF and S&L
    • Oepdial  mother son relationships
      • Judith/Seth
        • Caricature of Mrs.M and P&W
        • More from Judith's side- Seth does not fall
          • Demonstrated   as Seth leaves easily
        • Has more than 200 pictures of Seth
      • Mrs. Morel/Paul and William
        • Both fall for it
        • Dislike  their father
        • Manipulated by their mother (Paul leaving Miriam and Clara, William burning his love letters)
        • Possessiveness over William's hair
    • Dominant  mother figures
      • Aunt Ada
        • Successful emotional blackmail
          • "I saw something nasty in the woodshed!"
          • "There have always been Starkadders at  Cold Comfort Farm!"
        • Has control over the farm- even the money
        • Throws a fit  anyone tries to leave
        • Much like Mrs. M, uses her emotional blackmail so people don't leave
      • Judith
        • Trying to control her son's life
        • Not  as successful as AAD- does not have a hold over Seth
        • "Violet at the vicarage, Ivy at the ironmongers.."
      • Mrs Morel
        • Successful  Blackmail
        • Oepdial  complex with Paul and William
        • Like AAD- uses blackmail so her sons won't leave
    • Class
      • Town vs country
      • Flora's civilisation - The Farmhands' rural talk
      • Behaviour-  Flora tries to civilise them, introducing afternoon tea etc.
      • Working class Morel and Mrs. Morel- middle class
        • Reflected with local dialect
      • Gyp,  William's town girl, is sophisticated and treats the Morels in derogatory manner
    • The romantic girl: Miriam and Elfine
      • Preference to nature rather than books
      • Farm girls
      • Both reluctant  to work- does not matter so much for Elfine
      • Crushes on  someone unattainable- Paul for Miriam, **** Hawk Monitor for Elfine
    • Ideas about women: Flora's logical control/Clara's feminism
      • Flora  is controlling, much like Clara
      • Flora  likes to be in control
      • Clara takes control
      • Both challenge people
        • Flora challenges Aunt Ada Doom and the CCF world
        • Clara challenges Paul


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