food glorious food anthology- the butcher's shop

key points and quotes to analyise in the butcher's shop poem from the anthology food glorious food, text 1

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  • Food glorious food- the butcher's shop
    • "martyr's death"
      • animals dying undiserving deaths-innocence
    • "stiff as sunday manners"
      • simile- shows image of death which is rather grusome connoting murder
        • this is what a small child may think the butcher is doing to the animals
    • "voting tory all their lives"
      • didn't have ac hoice on how to live or what their fate would be
    • "blue rosettes"
      • suggests they wern't good enough
      • blue is the colour for 2nd place in a county show
    • "meaty smile, white apron stained with who knows what, fingers fat as sausages"
      • butcher a nasty apperance-heartless as he's making a living from animals deaths
        • imagery of pigs 'sausages' and 'meaty' could be an insult
    • "snowy sheep prance"
      • sibilence connoting simister behaviour
        • shows what a child thinks of animals as.
        • this creates irony
    • "tacky"
      • little care taken, no respect for the animals
    • "playing farms"
      • references to 'games' and 'toys' suggests the butcher treats his job like a game, playing with the animals deaths
    • "your cold and soggy paper parcel bleeds"
      • personal pronoun 'your' makes reader feel guilty
      • description of bleeding parcel, creates grim image of death
    • poem has 14 lines- like a sonnet
      • sonnets are love poems, this poem isn't creating irony
  • shows what a child thinks of animals as.




Fantastic :) thank you :)

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