Cold Comfort Farm Characters

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Main character
Comparisons to Emma Woodhouse from Jane Austen's Emma
Identifies with Jane Austen
Sees life as a game, and everyone is a piece in that game
Her comments about Charles- "he quite amuses me"
Likes sorting out messes and sees CCF as a mess
Elfine- "if you don't mind me saying, I do think you would look better in blue"
Civilises Elfine and represses her- stops her from writing poetry
Gets Amos, Seth and Judith leave
Comes into conflict with AAD, eventually beats her and gets her to leave.
Helps Reuben in running the farm
Oversees Elfine's engagement and marriage
High society, distant relationship with parents
Used to town life
Eventually, marries Charles, her "marriage into Heaven"- she wants a perfect wedding, arranged because they are a good match.

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Aunt Ada Doom

Domineering mother figure
"I saw something nasty in the woodshed!"- Ada's emotional blackmail
Pretends to be mad so everyone will stay only farm
Likes the control- throws a fit every time sometime tries to leave
Comes into conflict Flora, who eventually convinces her to leave
Has a preference for Seth- "where's my darling, Seth?
Like Mrs.Morel from Sons and Lovers
Flora's aunt
Other characters are afraid of her
Refers to herself in the second person- shows her controlling nature
AAD controls all of the money- keeps a tight control over it so no one else gets the money

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Typical Romantic child
Writes poetry
Likes being outside-"I hate houses"
Described elementally-earth
Animalistic characteristics- "as if a bird, posed for flight"
Wood nymph- mythical creatures comparison
Engaged to Urk from birth, he creeps on her
Desires **** Hawk Mointor- she often looks on in him
Civilised by Flora
Admired by Adam, who seems to know more about her then others
First appearance- earth, animals, mythical creatures links
Comparisons to Miriam in Sons and Lovers

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Animalstic features

Over sexed country boy

Promiscuous- father to all Meriam's babies

Subject to Oedipal complex via his Mother

Tries to seduce Flora- she sees through his game

Later becomes friendly with him- goes to the ball with then

His sexually promiscuously behaviour covering up his desire for The Talkies

Connections to Paul Morel- oversexed country boy, subject to Oepdial complex
Dislikes CCF and wants to get away, nothing stops him from leaving

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Wants to control the farm
Sees Flora as a threat to this
He describes her as "she woman"
Does not take to Flora as Seth does
Implied he dislikes his brother and father
Gets he wish- He is left in control of the farm
Asks Flora to marry him- suggestions that he has a crush on her
Classical younger son complex, he is not allowed to run the farm

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Needy character

Not very happy

Oepdial complex with Seth

Obsessive with Seth, 200 photos of him in her room

Not close with Amos (her husband) separate rooms

Seth dislikes her obsessiveness

Tries to stop Seth from leaving-unsuccessful as he does not have the same feelings towards his mother
Becomes depressed after Seth's departure
Eventually leaves with Flora's doctor friend
Judith in general is a pesimistic person

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In charge of the farm
Married to Judith- not very close to her
Stereotypical farm owner
Colloquial language, like Adam
Highly religious
Church of the Quivering Brethern
Hyperbole used to scare people "there'll be no butter in hell!"
Admits he likes to see them quiver
Flora convinces him to leave
Goes to America to preach there
He leaves as he is frustrated with the farm life
First to leave, sets it all off

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