Cold Comfort Farm Story

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First Points

  • Flora Poste, recently orphaned, is searching for extended family to stay with, preferably one with a challenge
  • First stays with cool, sophisticated Mrs Smiling in the interim
  • After writing to distant cousins, she settles on Cold Comfort Farm and receives a warning in biblical language, mentioning "her rights" and "wrong done to her father"
  • Bidding farewell to civilised life, symbolised by the Riverside Club, and her admirer Charles, she leaves for CCF
  • Arrives at Howling Station, picked up by Adam. Shows her intent by kicking hay off the buggy
  • Flora is received with some hostility- Reuben sees her as a threat (thinking she wants the farm) and Seth tries (unsuccessfully) to seduce her
  • Flora learns of Meriam (the hired girl), who is a **** and Flora teaches about birth control
  • Flora hears Amos preaching the Church of the Quivering Breathren
  • Encounters Mr.Mybug, who has a crush her. They discuss the Brontes
  • She discovers Seth's passion= the talkies
  • Flora's plot develops= she buys Adam a new mop, decides on Elfine's marriage and we learn of Aunt Ada.
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Second Points

  • The tethered bull bellows, Flora reassures Reuben and shows him how to secure the farm
  • Flora begins to educate Elfine, so she is ready for her marriage
  • Urk threatens Flora- believes Elfine belongs to him (Flora ignores him)
  • Flora learns of the "counting" and continues to form Elfine's taste
  • Flora releases the bull so she and Elfine can go to London
  • They go to London and prepare for Elfine for the ball, for her hair and dress
  • Flora, Elfine, Seth and Flora's friend head to the Ball, whilst AAD begins the counting
  • Flora descends the staircase and **** is captivated
  • **** proposes to Elfine and they become engaged
  • Mrs Hawk Monitor is shocked, but Flora convinces her otherwise
  • At the counting, AAD's authority is undermined by Flora, announcing Flora's engagement
  • Amos leaves to go preaching- the first character to physically leave
  • Urk is rejected by Elfine and goes to Meriam instead
  • Flora arranges a meeting between Mr. Neck and Seth, who is promised a career in the talkies
  • Mr. Neck's car takes away Seth away, despite Judith/AAD trying to stop him
  • Mr. Mybug falls for Rennet
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Third Points

  • Reuben proposes to Flora unexpectably, who rejects him
  • Flora gets Judith to leave with her doctor friend, Dr Mudel,  Judith has become depressed since Seth's departure
  • Preparations for Elfine and ****'s wedding continues
  • Flora finally confronts Aunt Ada
  • Elfine and **** are married happily (despite Flora's nerves)
  • At the CCF reception Aunt Ada reappears, transformed, and leaves to go and stay in Paris
  • Flora leaves the farm and flies away with Charles in his plane, professing their love each other
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