CCF Characters and Themes

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  • Controlling/manipulative
  • deux es machina (God machine) figure
  • Comparisions with Emma Woodhouse
  • Figure of perfection
  • Civilised compared to the other characters
  • Repressive- represses her feelings for Charles
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  • Stereotypical over sexed country boy
  • Animalistic features
  • Sleeps around-father to all of Meriam's children
  • Favourite son
  • Tenous relationship with Judith- despite her obbession with him
  • Close with AAD- she has a preference for him
  • Becomes friendly with Flora
  • Secret passion for films- get to become a film star
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  • Stereotypical nature boy
  • Wants to take over the farm- disliked though by his father
  • Does not seem to get on well with other family members
  • Reuben is poessissive of the farm- dislikes Flora because he thinks she is trying to take it from them
  • Later gets on well with Flora
  • Ends up running the farm
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  • Dark/depressing person
  • Oepdial complex with Seth- only on her half
  • Over 200 pictures of Seth in her room
  • Tries to control Seth, fails
  • Runs the farm domestically
  • Married to Amos- barely interreact
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  • Typical romantic child
  • Animal/nature/mythical creatures references
  • Writes poetry and likes the moors
  • Engaged to Urk, since birth- he is poessissive of her and perserve towards her, Elfine dislikes him
  • Learns from nature
  • Desires more then this- **** Hawk Monitor- upper class boy
  • Flora takes her on and "civilises" her- Pymalion references
  • Marries **** eventually
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  • Rural farm worker
  • Preacher- Church of the Quivering Breathren
  • Religious- strongly
  • Married to Judith- not close
  • Stereotypical farm worker
  • First to leave- breaks the chain
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Aunt Ada Doom

  • Very controlling
  • Controls the farm-especially the money
  • uses emontional blackmail to control people
  • Dislikes Flora and her modernity
  • Assures that people stay on the farm
  • Determined to keep control
  • Flora eventually talks her round and convinces her to go to Paris
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Mr Mybug

  • Parody of DH Lawrence- sees sex in everything
  • Intellectual
  • Interest in Flora
  • Creates reasons for his failures
  • Interested in sex
  • Flora dislikes him
  • Ends up marrying Mr Mybug
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