The Arctic - Frankinsten

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  • The Arctic
    • difficult conditions
      • 'vast and irregular plains of ice, which seemed to have no end'
    • character insight
      • Frankinstein
        • Letter 1: Frankenstein is brought into the novel
          • had to know the intentions of the crew before entering, even though he was in a bad condition
            • 'man on the brink of destruction'
            • cares about his morals above anything else; including his own life
        • Chapter 24: persued the 'daemon' into the treacherous arctic
          • 'cold, want, and fatigue were the least pains which I was destined to endure'
          • unwilling to give up
      • Walton
        • Letter 2: where we first learn of Walton's need for adventure and friendship
          • 'I greatly need a friend'
      • Monster
        • tough character as he can survive in difficult conditions, correlates internal feeling
        • the suffering of the Arctic was nothing compared to his inner destruction
          • 'where cam I find rest but in death?'
        • unwanted from the beginning of his creation, to the end; hides away from humans
          • 'lost in darkness and distance'
          • abandons mankind
        • the arctic is has little to no resources like the creature has no companionship
        • the place where the monster finds his inner self
        • an uncomfortable environment, yet this is where the monster finds comfort
    • new discoveries
      • Frankenstein truly discovers the pain the Monster is in
        • 'my agony was still superior to thine'
      • empty unexplored country, much like the unexplored realities of making the monter
    • adventure


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