Cold Comfort Farm- Symbols, Themes and Motifs

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  • Cold Comfort Farm- Themes, symbols and motifs
    • Social class
      • Flora/Hawk Monitors comfortable middle class, try to bring Elfine into their world
      • They are working class, but they do have a lot of money
    • Civilsation
      • Controlled behaviour
      • Politeness
      • Flora's common sense
      • The desire to be happy, and lead a life uncomplicated by deep emotion
    • Education
      • Elfine's education is natural, in the woods and forests, in keeping with Rosseau's ideas
      • Flora wants to impose a civilised education on Efline so that she will become civilised, someone that people will want to marry
      • Flora  evidently has had a civilised  education
    • Emotion vs Reason
      • Flora's guide "The Higher Common Sense" embodies her practical approach to life
      • Flora mistrusts wild, execessive emotional indulgence
      • Much of CCF behaviour is meldodramatic, hysterial and self indulgement
    • Nature
      • Life at CCF ruled by the rhythms of the natural world
      • Flora's believes- "nature is all very well in its place, but it musn't be allowed to make a mess"
    • Controlling matriach
      • Aunt Ada rules CCF by exploiting by deep emotion
      • Judith tries this with Seth-fails
    • Controlling women
      • Flora herself- the most controlling women in the novel
      • Flora is deux es machina figure, flying away at the end of the novel
      • Aunt Ada- manipulates and controls the farm and the people living there
      • AAD and Flora go head to head
    • Sukebind
      • Invented  flower metaphor for sexual desire
      • Link between the seasons and human behaviour
      • Made up flower- Gibbons does this a lot
    • The bull
      • Tethered  for most of novel, showing the control and influence of AAD
      • Untitled
    • Oepdias complex
      • Judith and Seth's relationship is pure Freud
      • Shades with Aunt Ada and Seth, she seems to favour Seth (my darling Seth!)


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