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  • Sheila
    • Characteristics
      • 'Pretty'
      • spoilt/egostistical
        • got Eva fired because she was jealous
      • at the start 'very pleased with life'
      • perceptive/clever
        • see's connections and suspects the inspector to be fake
          • warns her family- 'he's giving us the rope- so that we'll hang ourselves'
        • notices Geralds reaction to Daisy Renton  and realises Eric's part in the story
      • mature/calm about the affair and breaking off the engagement
      • she has conflict with her father and mother and she is very similar to Eric her brother
        • 'but these girls aren't cheap labour, they're people'
          • becomes more caring
      • she becomes a lot more mature and she when she finds out about Eva she becomes distressed and upset
        • feels very responsible
          • "I'll never, never do it again" changes and develops point of view
        • feels very guilty
      • at the start of the play she is very protected from the real world by her father but she learns to face up to him and learns about how actions have consequences
    • Purpose in the play
      • Romantically involved with Gerald
        • dramatic plot, ties into Geralds actions and shows Geralds and Mr Birlings true intent with the engagement-maybe not true love
      • She is Priestleys glimmer of hope for future generations
        • feels responsible
        • prepared to act, learn and take the consequences
          • very different from her father and Gerald
        • their relationship highlights the two different people in society
        • optimism
      • she goes against and proves the stereotypes wrong that Mr B and Gerald established at the beginning about women saying that their self respect was their clothes, she is clever and curious and developed massively.


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