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  • Gerald
    • characteristics
      • 'attractive chap'
      • self confident
      • 'aristocrat'- VERY RICH- his family aren't that happy about the engagement because he is marrying below his class
      • cheated on Sheila, unloyal
        • did have genuine feelings for Daisy/ Eva
          • 'because i was sorry for her'
            • gave her somewhere to live
          • 'she was young, pretty, warm-hearted- and intensely grateful'
      • untruthful, but eventually admits his connection with daisy/eva
    • Purpose in the play
      • tension between he and sheila
      • shows another aspect of the class system
    • more similar to Mr Birlings and the older generation rather than Eric and Sheila
    • at the end, he works so hard to prove that the inspector was a fake, he does not feel guilty and does not feel any responsib


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