A.I.C Themes: Class

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  • Class
    • Attitudes to upper class
      • Mr Birling
        • Keen to be knighted to cement his hard fought rise to the upper class
      • Mrs Birling
        • Socially superior to Mr Birling.
      • Sheila
        • Happy spending time in expensive shops.
      • Gerald
        • Prepared to marry Sheila despite her lower social position.
      • Eric
        • Awkward about his his lowerer class life
    • Attitudes to lower class
      • Mr Birling
        • Cheap labour
      • Mrs Birling
        • A presumptious upstart
      • Sheila
        • Somone who could be fired out of spite
      • Gerald
        • A mistress who could be discarded at will.
      • Eric
        • Easy sex at the end of a drunken night out.
    • Apart from Edna, the maid, the cast does not include any lower class characters,
      • However, we learn a lot about the lower class as we hear about each stage in Eva;s life.
    • Priestly is trying to show that the upper classes are unaware that the easy lives they lead rest upon heard work of the lower classes.


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