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  • Gerald
    • Gender
      • Mr Birling
        • “several hundred young women” This shows that in his eyes, all of his workers are interchangeable and of no real value to him.
        • 'sheila, take your mother along to the drawing room'  shows the absence of women in their own home
        • Mr. Birling has a forceful input in the relationship as he knows he has more power over who he wants is daughter to marry then herself. Forcing her into a loveless marriage
      • Set in 1912, the woman in the play would have been seen as possessions to their husband and did not work or have careers due to the patriarchal society.
      • Sheila
        • Is it the one you wanted me to have?” Girls are shown to be very passive and submissive and the man was thought to be the leader and decision maker
        • “Very pleased with life.” She is more concerned with the ring than the actual engagement: “I think it’s perfect. Now I really feel engaged.” This demonstrates her superficiality.
      • Eric
        • 'you just used her for the end of stupid drunken night out'-inspector


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