An Inspector Calls - Class Theme

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  • Class
    • Mr Birling
      • "The girl had been causing trouble"
        • He was talking about Eva as though she was an insolent child, not a grown woman.
      • "Damned impudence"
        • He curses the lower class without thinking about his rude manner.
      • "I only did what any employer might have done?"
        • Birling gets very defensive of his actions. He discharged Eva Smith in order to maintain his business' reputation, showing that he cares more about status and his business than the consequences of his actions.
    • Eric
      • "So I insisted on giving her enough money"
        • Unlike his mother, Eric disregarded the fact that Eva was of a lower class. He still provided for her with money.
      • "Why shouldn't they try for higher wages?"
        • Eric was care-free about the class division. He questions his father's decision to fire Eva. Eric believed that it was okay for the workers to demand an increase, regardless of their class.




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