Mrs Birling

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  • Mrs Birling
    • "Cold"
      • "A rather cold woman
      • "It's her responibility"
        • Untitled
    • Old fashioned
      • "Really the things you pick up these days"
    • Aware of her class
      • "Edna'll answer it"
      • "Simply absurd in a girl in her position"
    • Treats Sheila and Eric like children
      • "You're looking tired dear. I think you ought to go to bed - and forget about this absurd business
      • "He's [Eric] only a boy"
      • "What the matter with that child?"
      • "The trouble is you've been spoilt"
    • Prejudiced
      • "That prejudiced me against her"
      • "I didn't like her manner"
    • Narrow sense of morality
      • 'I consider I did my duty"
      • "I've done nothing wrong"
      • "I did nothing I'm ashamed of"
      • "I used my influence to have her refused"
      • "I think she only had herself to blame"
        • "Cold"
          • "A rather cold woman
          • "It's her responibility"
            • Untitled
    • Tries to deny things
      • "I don't believe it. I won't believe it"
      • "Eric I can't believ it. There must be some mistake"


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