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  • Inspector...
    • 'Goole'
      • cheesy irony;) but connotations of ghost- links to the ending is he is a spector, real or fake???
      • their consciences
      • not the real inspector
        • giving them a second chance to tell the t truth
        • he is very rushed towards the end and says 'I haven't much time'- implying he maybe knows that the real inspector will be coming soon
    • characteristics
      • seems omniscient
        • all knowing, knows about the suicide ,all of the events just waiting for them to admit what they did themselves
      • authoritative
        • takes control, even more powerful than Mr Birling
          • ironic that he interrupts Mr Birlings 'important' speech- shows his power
      • he is harsh but truthful
        • makes others feel guilty- repeats the phrase 'nasty mess'
      • not impressed with social status
      • unsettling- uses phrases such as...
        • we'll see
        • all in good time
      • 'an impression of massiveness'
        • Mrs Birling- 'he made quite the impression on Sheila
      • logical
        • works through each of the characters individually allowing them to piece the story together
      • calm and concise and generally collected 'yes, quite so' always punctuated by a full stop but you can see he is getting angrier when his sentences become longer
        • 'I think you did a terrible thing'
        • 'regretting for the rest of your life'
    • Purpose in the play
      • could be seen as the voice of reason
        • god like image
        • all knowing
          • sheila tells gerald 'of course he knows'
        • brings knowledge and truth
      • Fire,blood and anguish speech
      • shows Priestleys views
      • to show how actions and consequences link and bring responsibility
        • 'We are responsible for each other'


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