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  • Sampling
    • Quota Sampling
      • Selecting candidates in proportion to the market
      • Disadvantages
        • If the business is not very clear on their target market. they may not ask some potential customers and as a result may not provide products/ services to suit these customers needs.
      • Advantages
        • The business is only asking people who it knows the product is aimed at so you are not wasting your time or money asking people who would not buy your product
    • Stratified Sampling
      • Only interviewing people who are relevant to your product
      • only asking people you know are interested so you don't waste time or money
    • Random Sampling
      • Randomly choosing people to take a survey
      • Disadvantages
        • It assumes that all consumers are equally important, so it is less useful if the product is targeted at a specific segment of the market.
        • It is also slow and expensive
        • Need their details to contact them
      • Advantages
        • It is not biased because everyone has an equal chance of being chosen.
    • Higher the sample higher the reliability
    • 100 people appears to be the number most people use


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