Market Research

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Secondary - Internal & External

Quantitive - Group & In Depth

Qualitative - Random Sampling, Quota Sampling & Cluster Sampling

Reasons For Marketing Research

  • To Ensure A Business Is Providing The Products Which Consumers Want
  • Helps Avoid Expensive Business Mistakes
  • Assists With Competitor Info
  • Helps With The Target Market
  • Shows Areas Most Successful
  • Improves Customr Needs Awareness
  • Helps With Price Costings
  • May Help Resuce Risk Of New Product Development

Primary Research

Made By Direct Contract With Consumers & Public

- Questionnaires

- Observation

- Interviews

- Focus Groups

- Email Surveys

- Face To Face Surveys

- Telephone Surveys

Secondary Research

'Desk Research' Using Published Statistics, Data & Other Info Previously Collected

1. Internal Sources

2. External Sources

Secondary Internal Sources

  • Compnay Accounts
  • Store Loyalty Cards
  • Stock Analysis
  • Internal Reports

Secondary External Sources


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