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  • Hindu Beliefs and Teaching
    • Drahman - the religious and moral duty in relation to a persons status in society
    • Moksha - release from the cycle of life , death and rebirth , liberation , union with Brahaman
      • Murti - an image or statue of deity of often  as a focus during worship / Puja
        • Puja - prayer and worship of gods and goddesses . Offerings made to the murtis
          • Trimurti - The three major aspects of Brahaman . Brahma the creator , Vishnu the preserver ,Shiva the destroyer .
  • Ahimsa - non injury of all living things ,the teaching non violence.
    • Braham - the supreme power in the universe ultimate reality ,God
      • Diwali - Hindu festival of light. It celebrated good conquering evil , Lakshimi is invited into the home


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