R.E Medicine

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  • R.E Medicine
    • Key Concepts
      • Conscience
        • An inner voice which tells a person right from wrong
      • Free Will
        • the belief that humans have a choose in life
      • Hippocratic Oath
        • A promise that doctors make to preserve life at all costs
      • Medical Ethics
        • deciding what is good in medicine
      • Quality Of Life
        • ho meaningful and enjoyable life is
      • Sanctity Of Life
        • Life in all forms are sacred
    • Abortion
      • Catholics
        • Against abortion in all circumstances as life begins straight away
      • Church Of England
        • when is threatens the life of the mother or can be justified.
      • Islam
        • only if the life of the mother is threatened but before ensoulment(120 days)
    • Euthanasia
      • Catholics
        • not at all, only God can give and take life
      • Church Of England
        • maybe as Jesus said do the most loving thing
      • Islam
        • disagree as life is a test set by Allah and it is cheating his test as a result they will be punished at judgment day.
    • IVF
      • Catholics
        • No IVF as embryos are destroyed, natural only
      • Church of England
        • Artificual Insemination my donor (sperm), also volunteer surrogacy
      • Islam
        • surrogacy is wrong, but IVF is fine


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