Religious Studies - Key Terms


All the key terms from [Believing in God, Marriage and the Family, and Matters of life and Death] units, a question is ALWAYS asked about the key terms for each unit, overall its an easy 8 marks, if you get the correct definitions. So learn them ! :)

Believing in God

Prayer - An attempt to contact Go, usually through words.

Design - When things are connected and seem to have a purpose. e.g. the eye is for seeing.

Causation - The idea that everything has been caused by something else.

Atheism - Believing that God doesn't exist.

Agnosticism - Not being sure if God exists.

Moral Evil - Actions done my humans that cause suffering.

Omnipotent - The belief that God is all powerful.

Benevolent - The belief that God is good/kind.

Omniscient - The belief that God knows everything that has happened and that will happen.

Miracle - Something that seems to break the laws of science and makes you think that only God could've done it.

Conversion - When your life is changed by giving yourself to God.

Numinous - The feeling of a presence greater than yourself e.g. looking up at the stars, in a church.

Marriage and the Family

Co-habitation - Living together without being married.

Marriage - The condition of a man and woman, legally united for the purpose of living together usually for the procreation of children.

Faithfulness - Staying with your marriage partner and having sex only with them.

Pre-Marital Sex - Sex before marriage

Promiscuity - Having…


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