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Families can be classified in four different groups, these are two with characteristics of family life.


  • Family functions better
  • Stable
  • Happy environment
  • Two parents for advice
  • More money


  • Happier parents
  • May conflict with step-family
  • May prefer big family
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Families 2

Families can be classified in four different groups, these are two more.

Single parent

  • Settled- less arguments
  • Better than unhappy marriage
  • Pressure on parent
  • Lower income
  • Bereavement


  • Works for elderly
  • Costs parents
  • Crowded
  • Children may get less attention
  • Permanent babysitter
  • Grandparents may rely on parents
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Why marry?

  • More stable family
  • Becoming close knit as a family
  • More income
  • Visa
  • Legal bond
  • Serious committment
  • Rights in law
  • To have children
  • Family expectations
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Christian attitudes to sex and marriage

Bible teachings

  • All life is willed by God, no life is an accident
  • Life begins at conception
  • Men and women are made for each other and procreation is their purpose
  • Sex is a gift from God for within marriage

Views about relationships from this

  • Homosexuality is not what God wanted
  • No sex before marriage
  • Only have sex to have children
  • Marriage is sacred and must last
  • No contraception (Roman Catholic belief)
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Key words - marriage

Key Words:

  • Adultery - unfaithful sex outside of marriage
  • Pre-marital sex - sex before marriage
  • Celibacy - no sexual relationships
  • Promiscuity - casual sexual relationships
  • Faithful - loyal to the marriage 'til death do us part'
  • Civil partnership- same sex relationship marriages
  • Civil marriage- legal joining of two people
  • Religious marriage- marriage in church or other places of worship
  • Cohabit- To live with a partner before marriage
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Islam attitudes to sex


  • Harms family
  • Qu'ran teaches it is not comitted
  • Severe punishments
  • Breaks marital contract


  • Muslim men dress modestly
  • Women keep arms and legs covered, dress modestly in front of men(
  • Separate swimming pools for men and women
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Qu'ran teachings on sex


  • Boys and girls separated after puberty
  • Sex is for procreation
  • Sex should take place between married man and woman, according to Shari'ah

"Because Islam emphasises chastity and modesty, there is normally very little contact between young Muslim men and women' - What does Islam say? I. Hewitt

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Christian attitudes to divorce

Christian church divided on divorce. Law allows divorce but Roman Catholics for example disagree.

Key terms:

  • Annulment- Not a valid marriage, one partner forced into marriage so it was never proper. Fault in contract so annulment opposed to divorce.
  • Sacrament - Religious holy ceremony. Marriage has God's blessing. Any ceremony in a church is a sacrament, particulary applies to Roman Catholics.
  • Re-marriage- When someone is free from a marriage and free to re-marry

Roman catholic:
Mark 10 "anyone who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her"
Matthew "anyone who divorces his wife except for marital unfaithfulness and marries another commits adultery."

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Key terms:

  • Heterosexual - people have a relationship with someone of the opposite sex
  • Homosexual - same sex relationships
  • Bisexual - relationships with either sex
  • Lesbian - 2 women in relationship
  • Transexual - dresses as opposite sex
  • Homophobia - prejudice towards homosexuals


Christians believe that we should care for and treat all people equally 'love thy neighbour'
Sex is sacred for procreation of children within marriage. Generally, Christians believe homosexual sex is against this.

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Views towards homosexuality

Roman Catholic-
Homosexual thoughts are not a sin but actions are. They should control this by being celibate yet they should be treated with respect. However, they are contrary to the natural law.

Liberal Protestant-
Quakers agree to gay marriage. An act that gives pleasure to both isn't sinful, just because the relationship is homosexual. They agree to gay clergy having partners.

Most think it is wrong. Condemned in Qu'ran and Muhammed condemned it in his teachings (Hadiths). Sex is for pro-creation of children.
Problem for gay muslims- arranged marriage, celibate life, lose contact with family.

Minority Muslim-
Islam is tolerant and peaceful religion, should tolerate all people. God loves his creation so must love all people. Science says people are born homosexual so God must have made them that way.

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