Medical ethics - Covers Everything!!

Includes topics: Abortion, Sanctity of life, Animal Testing, Cloning, Suicide, Euthanasia, Fertility treatment. 

Only has christian views. Has quotes and meanings for each topic and both roman catholic and church of England christian views on each topic.

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Medical Ethics Revision
Christian Views…read more

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Sanctity of Life (mainly used to support arguments).
Fertility Treatment.
Animal Testing.
Cloning…read more

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Sanctity of Life Keywords:
means all life is -God
holy because it's Sanctity of Life - Life
created by god. - holy
Sanctity of life is a way of supporting Christian views on
Medical Ethics, mainly used for supporting Roman
Catholic views. It basically means:
- Life is special
- Life is precious
- Life is a God-Given
- Life is created in God's image
- Life shouldn't be destroyed.…read more

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Key Words:
Abortion is the -Pro-choice (mother decides
deliberate whether to have an abortion or not).
termination of a Abortion -Pro-life (not having an
Quote For Abortion Against Abortion
"You shall not murder" You could argue that until the You could argue a babies life
babies heart starts beating the begins at conception and that
baby isn't alive therefore it isn't abortion at anytime is considered
murder. as murder.
"All life is sacred and given by You could argue that this doesn't Every single life is special
god" mean god controls life and if you (sanctity of life) and no matter
were raped it's not the way god what you should treat all life with
should give it to you. respect as god has given it to you.
"your body is a temple of the holy If you were raped and you were You must respect the temple by
spirit" young you should be allowed to not having an abortion because
`protect the temple' and `the holy god gave you that baby and the
spirit' by having an abortion. holy spirit is there to protect it.…read more

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Church of England Christian Roman Catholic Christian
The church of England is generally The Roman Catholic Christians are
against abortion but do allow is it in always much stricter than Church of
certain circumstances. It is accepted if England Christians. They believe it is
the mothers life is in danger or the only ever acceptable is the mothers life
foetus is badly disabled and unable to is in danger, other than that they are
walk/talk or will struggle to get completely against abortion. They
through life. It is also accepted if believe life begins at conception and
someone was raped and got pregnant as abortion is considered at murder to
it wasn't planned. them.…read more

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Fertility Treatment
Key Words:
In-vitro Fertilisation(IVF) Scientific testing on foetus.
Artificial Insemination by husband(AIH) injecting the
husbands sperm into his wife's egg.
"" by donor(AID) injecting a donors sperm into a women'
s egg.
Embryo is a foetus before it is four months old.…read more

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