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· Agape: selfless love
· To put other before yourself
· To try and put yourself in another
persons situation and show
understanding for their choices even if
you don't agree with them.…read more

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· A group of people who are related to
one another by blood or marriage.
· Nuclear Family: Typical family
· Extended Family: Grandparents, uncles,
aunties, cousins e.t.c.
· Single Parent Family: 1 parent looking
after children.
· Reconstituted Family: Broken family
where one parent has remarried.…read more

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Purpose of The Family
· Children can learn about forgiveness.
· Play a part in the community.
· Provide a stable society.
· Family activities- prayer.
· Learn to show agape.
· Provide education about God.
· Charity work together.…read more

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Christian Views On Family
· Husband/Father: head of the household;
main wage earner.
· Wife/Mother: Main carer in house; must
ensure children and husband are well
looked after.…read more

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Church Family
· Church congregation that a Christian
belongs to.
· Provide services to ensure a family stay
true to moral Christian codes.
· Special services- Baptisms
· Youth Work
· Parenting Classes- how to bring up child
in Christian way.…read more

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Women In The Church
Roman Catholic Views Church Of England Views Both
The 12 disciples and In the New Testament There is neither Greek nor
apostles were men. Women there are examples of Jew, male nor female,
should not lead services. women who have slave nor free. We are all
leadership roles. E.g. Lydia one in Jesus Christ.
& Priscilla.
During mass the priest Each day time should be
acts as Jesus, therefore it set aside for personal
would be inappropriate for prayer.
a woman to be a priest.
Woman can become Dedicate your whole life to
extraordinary ministers in Christ by becoming a monk
the Holy Communion and or nun.
can help but not lead mass.
Cleaning of the pews, A priest or vicar should
flower arranging and visit the sick or elderly in
leading of Sunday school. their community.…read more

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