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Marriage and the Key notes:
-Family life is important to
Christians because main
purpose of Christian
marriage is to continue
Christian attitude to sex outside marriage: Islam attitude to sex outside marriage: Christian faith.
-God gave sex for procreation of children -forbidden by the Qur'an -Important to Muslims
-Bible says it is sinful -shariah says it should only take place in marriage they will be judged on how
-Ten commandments ban adultery - adultery condemned by god well they treat their
children. Muhammad said
- condemned by Jesus - harming the family not allowed in shariah or quran .
that Muslims must marry
and raise family.
Christian attitudes to divorce: Islam attitude to divorce:
-Catholic church does not allow remarriage - Muhammad said its hated of most lawful things.
-Jesus taught divorce is wrong - arranged by family so pressure against divorce Definitions :
-Made covenant with god cannot be broken by ­ divorce is likely to harm the children bad for god Adultery
earthly power - Quran teaches families should rescue marriage. Civil partnership
-Remarriage would be bigamy and adultery. Cohabitation
Christian attitudes to contraception: Islam attitude to contraception:
-Pope pias condemned all forms of contraception - Quran command makes a ban on it
Nuclear family
- you are taking life and that is god decision so it's a sin - god created sex for having children
Pre marital sex
-God gave sex for procreation - opposed to abortion so no contraception
-Leads to sexual promiscuality - duty to have large Muslim families
Re constituted family
Re marriage…read more

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Matters of life and death Key points :
Some people believe in
non religious reasons ,
near death experiences ,
Christian belief about life after death : Islam beliefs about life after death : ghost or mediums and
-Jesus rose from the dead in the gospels - last day Muslims will be judged my god evidence of re in
and the new testament - Quran teaches there will be life after death carnation.
-St Paul teaches in Corinthians of resurrection - Muhammad taught there was life after
death Some people do not
-Churches teach life after death to give their lives - life is a test from god you may go to hell. believe in life after death
Meaning because there is no god ,
- The major creeds say there will be life after death no scientific evidence ­
where can they go.
Christian attitudes to abortion: Islam attitude towards abortion
-Life belongs to go so he has the right only - hadith says foetus doesn't receive soul til 120 days
-Abortion is murder , banned in the 10 commandments - some believe life begins at conception Definitions:
-In rape good life will come out of evil - the Quran banns abortion Abortion
-Sanctity of life - Muslims will be judged on how they treat children Assisted suicide
Immortality of the soul
Near death experience
Christian attitude to euthanasia : Islam attitude to euthanasia: Non voluntary euthanasia
-sanctity of life - Quran banns suicide Paranormal
-Its murder , forbidden in 10 commandments - you are making yourself equal with god sin of shirk Quality of life
-Life is sacred and should only be taken by god - murder is banned in the Quran Reincarnation
-- the bible forbids suicide - life is a test , suicide is cheating by speeding it up. Resurrection
Sanctity of life
Voluntary euthanasia.…read more

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Religion and community
Key points :attitudes
cohesion have changed because
women and men keep their
property separate, women
Christian belief about equal rights for women : Islam beliefs about equal rights : can vote in elections they
-st Paul teaches women should - Quran says men should support women get the same pay as men
not speak in church - only men visit the mosque sex discrimination act
-Paul teaches men and women are equal in Christ - only men are imams makes it illegal to
- Jesus chose only men as his twelve apostles - Muhammad encouraged both to discriminate. Traditional
worship protestants believe women
-men and women were created at the same time so are should not be leaders,
Equal to gods eyes. Catholics believe only men
can become priests and
Christian promotion of racial harmony: Islam promotion of racial harmony: liberal protestants believe in
-Parable of the good Samaritan -Quran teaches all come from one pair of humans equal roles.
-Jesus treated each race the same - final sermon Muhammad said no racism in Islam
- peter had a vision telling him not to discriminate -Muslims form a amah brotherhood treated the same
-St Paul taught all races are equal as they - Islam is against any form of racism . Definitions:
-are all created in gods image
Community cohesion
Religious attitude to promote community cohesion : Ethnic minority
-Interfaith marriages = special wedding services Interfaith marriage
-Bring up their children in both faiths Multi ethnic society
-Children will be taught the main religions practised in the UK Multi faith society
-- faith network group promotes good relations between different people from different faiths in this Prejudice
country. Racial harmony
Religious freedom
Religious pluralism
sexism.…read more

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Believing in god
Religious upbringing : religious experience: Key points :many
-Parents will have told them about god and they - numinous a feeling of the presence of god. Christian believe the science
Believe their parents. - conversion an experience of god it changes their life explanations but think they
-Christians pray to god so they will believe there is - miracle and event that breaks the laws of science prove god created the
God or their parents wouldn't waste time praying. - contacting god through prayer , answered prayer. universe. If people do not
-Seeing so many people worshiping god will make them feel gods presence when
Believe they pray they may doubt
- They will be taught god exists when they go to school. his existence. God cannot
answer selfish pray but he
Causation argument for god : causation argument for god: always answers just not in
- anything that has been designed needs a designer - whatever we d has an effect any effect has cause the way that people expect.
- there is plenty of evidence that the world has been designed - this means universe and humans had a cause
- if the world has been designed the world must have a designer - god is the only logical cause of the universe
-The only possible designer would be god - therefore god must exist. Definitions:
-Therefore appearance of design proves god exists
Science leading to agnosticism or atheism: religious response: Conversion
-15 billion years ago universe exploded red shift evidence - only god could have made the big bang Free will
- matter flew away from explosion to form stars and solar system ­ only god could have made universe laws Miracle
- the gases on earths surface formed primitive life - only god made gases form life Moral evil
- genetic structure lead to evolution of new life thus humans - the main points of the bible fit with the Natural evil
science Numinous
-If science can explain life without god then they no longer need Omi-benovelent
God as an explanation. Omipotent
-If god existed he would be the only explanation if it can be explained Omnicent
Without the use of him then he doesn't exist. prayer…read more

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Believing in god continued
Unanswered prayer leading to agnostic and atheist: religious response to unanswered prayer: Free will
-if people pray but never feel god they may feel no on is - selfish prayers are answered in unexpected Miracle
Listening. - god may have different plans eg some die Moral evil
-Unanswered prayers make them think god doesn't exist - he will answer in the best way possible Natural evil
-- if someone is praying for something good they may lose belief ­ god will answer all prayers you may not Numinous
-- they pray for peace they think god doesn't exist if he lets this realise that he has. Omi-benovelent
Happen. Omipotent
Evil and suffering leading to agnostic atheist: religious response:
-If he Is omnipotent he must be able to remove it - moral evil is caused by humans and their free will.
- Omni- benevolent he must want it to stop - natural evil cannot be controlled
- if god exist then there shouldn't be suffering - god must have a reason for all the suffering and evil
- as there is evil and suffering he must not exist - in order to make paradise it must be a challenge in life…read more


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